Bella Harling: the lowdown

Bella Harling Author Photo

A note about the author-to-be:

Bella Harling is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. As yet unpublished Bella is working on her first manuscript whilst completing short-stories for competition. Bella enjoys seeking out humour in most any situation and works to feature humour in the humanity of her work. Her blogs provide great joy and intellectual stimulation to the writer (if not always the reader), and fulfil the instant gratification sought by many writers during the hiatus between inspiration on a major work. Bella’s approach to dialogue and pace are contemporary and captivating.

A note from the author-to-be:

What is a writer? Well, it is all of us, I think. Some of us express our creativity in words, some in paint, some in athletic fields, and some in comedy. Everyone is differently gifted, and, after realising I am a terrible athlete at a very young age, and that other creative pursuits take AGES and are very expensive, like painting etc, a few years ago I embarked on the journey of writing a book. It is not finished. I long to finish it, but other things, like drinking, and seeing friends, and hanging out with my dog, also take precedence over finishing books… Although I did just finish reading a book, so maybe there is hope to be hoped. Anyway I hope you like the blogs and other bits and pieces until the books comes out. xox

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