Ahhh, Winter is here.


Thank you Melbourne! What a b-e-a-utiful (that’s probably copyright by that Jim Carey Movie where he becomes “god”, after being a tv weatherman (a natural progression?) anyway, so does that count as referencing?) Oh my Jim Carey, why don’t I know how to reference? I used to. Day, beautiful day.

ANYWAY, today started in a gorgeous, gorgeous manner. I woke up at 3.18 and didn’t get back to sleep. That wasn’t the gorgeous part. The sunrise was amazeballs! So pretty. Orangey-peachy pinks with grey overtones (the photo doesn’t do it justice).

I got to put my coat on, Lols had her coat on, beanies were maintaining an extra 10% of body heat in 110% of the population. It was cool, and cold, and totally awesome.

Taking Lols (my dog) outside for her morning walk everyone’s breath was condensing. My favourite. After Lolly nearly bothered a sleeping homeless person, I noticed the Moon was still up, hanging on by a thumbnail amidst the beautiful peachy pinky popping sky. I mean is this the best time of year or what?

If you haven’t picked up on it so far, I LOVE Winter – capital W.

Then, I jumped in the car and drove an hour to my workplace listening to the hilarity that is Matt and Alex on JJJ (trying to give away a 9c coin), and enjoying the colourful sky.

All day I got to work with my fav colleague, go to a remote, unbelievably special native revegetation site, and see people who are passionate about reinstating native vegetation. Oh, and I forgot, for lunch, I had the best soup. Carrot and ginger. Carrot and ginger and coriander. Yum!

And then, best of all, I saw a Wattle bird, and pretended it was the grown up version of the baby Wattle bird that I tried to save 3 months ago. It resisted my attempts, but I like to think that spoke to its tenacity and resilience and it didn’t need me, and it saved itself.

I really appreciate things that can save themselves. I think it helps build resilience in our community, and ecosystem.

Such a great day. Love you Winter.

Go the Blues!



See, I referenced it! Winner.

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