The quintessential Summer sights and sounds

Yes, this is a slight deviation from where I last left you. I’m coming back to that. But I just had to say, being summer and all, and potentially (global warming dependant) nearing the end of summer (please go Im a temperate girl), there are just those things. Those wistful sounds, smells and sights, which make up the checklist of summer.

I aged through many of my early years, I hesitate to say grew up – well, because you know why, near a beach. Well within walking distance, well the nearest beach was a nudist beach next to the grammar school I eventually went to. I guess that predates town planning. It was also across the road from an “institution”, the kind that are not allowed anymore. Anyway, childhood is difficult for everyone. I’m just saying I grew up within walking distance of several beaches. And frequented the NOT closest beach.

Something that always struck me as odd, were that so so so so many children the world over live in landlocked areas, so their town pool is their number one summer attraction. They spend their summer trying not to get harassed by purple dye, and I spent my summer trying not to get harassed by my sister and her friends making Jaws theme sounds. I guess the moral is you can wee in the ocean without retribution, but it has its own hazards??

Any-hoo, before I lose you, I just wanted to say, as someone who has lived through a drought, and therefore a regional sprinkler ban, there is no more quintessential summer sound than a sprinkler. In fact, if I have to list the top five sights, sounds and smells of summer, they are:

  • The lawn sprinkler
  • Snags on a barby
  • The lawnmower and freshly cut grass (boo allergies)
  • The ka-chika noise of a bottle opener (yes beer)
  • and, the number one, and I don’t know why this is seasonal, the summer radio DJ’s. They try so hard to fill the spots temporarily vacated by their winter colleagues. I don’t know why, it just is.

Thats it. The top five sights, sounds and smells of summer. Bless em, and can they pass faster every year because I love winter. As previously stated.

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