2015…In summary…Part one.

Well where do I start?

A friend posted beautiful prose on FB, that god awful social media, about her experience this year. Finding people, losing people, and the continual quest to search out self. I can honestly say I have never had a year like 2015. It has been one of exciting adventure tinged always with sadness.
Where did the sadness come from? Well, I left behind my beautiful friends and family and moved state, leaving Queensland for Victoria, with my then indefatigable optimism, of adventure and new experience. While that in itself is a choice, there were some interesting factors I hadn’t accounted for. I thought getting a job was going to a be fairly run-of-the-mill process whereby I applied, attended interview and then got a job. You know, like people do.

Boy was I wrong!

A dear friend had reviewed my CV and told me it was great, because she is a nerd like me, and we know to look through everything we read to the content. I now realise she reviewed it for content, not the aesthetics which will make the difference between you and the next younger, smarter you, in the job market. That was a painful lesson, long learned.

Applying for jobs became my hobby. My dog learned to hate my computer. I was working, temping, and consulting where I could, which I was VERY lucky to have the option of doing, and every night, weekend, and toilet break I was subscribing to job feeds, linking in with people, and trying, with my terribly ugly resume, for every opportunity.

For the last 12 years I had only applied for one job as a rank outsider. Every other job I had been poached into, or, in the mechanism of government, applied for my own job, and been fortunate in being awarded it. I had been without work for 3 days between jobs back in 2005, but that was by choice. For my last full time job Id had a 20 minute coffee meeting at a cafe round the corner, and kept waiting for the real interview to come, but instead I got the letter of offer? What???? I’m not even trying to say I’m that good. I’m just saying I was completely unprepared to enter a market which did not know me, and I did not know, and then somehow finagle work with the worlds ugliest resume.

A very lovely friend got me a temp contract at her place of work, and luckily that kept being extended which gave me a minute of breathing room. Long enough to approach another friend who works in HR (love you AJ) for tips on my CV. After she was able to get back up off the floor from the fits of laughter at the worlds ugliest CV, she kindly provided me her most recent successful CV as a template.
This was about May. Working full time hours in my temp job, and being paid to write web content for a friends company, I was flat out living. Don’t worry, my dog went to the park at least once a day! It was me who had no life.

I was, again, lucky, that friends came to visit and kept me sane. One friend particularly (Miss L) reviewed my new and exciting CV, and helped me bolster it.

I used my new CV to apply for 5 jobs before life got out of control busy, and I had to have a break from applying for jobs.

This takes us to about June… That’s a good 6 months… You can wait for the next instalment.

Blogs to look forward to include:

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2015: the lost friendships of; followed closely by 2015: new friendships and a new city

and in the last throes of 2015 there will be: 2015: The new place, the me place.

Cant wait to share these intimate and challenging times with you. Happy 2016 everyone.

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