Dear Reader – you decide…. Please!

Dear Reader…

First of all, I know it has been a while, but you may recall I put out an appeal for ideas to name a new blog stream based on snippets of conversation I hear in the street.

I was overwhelmed by the fantastic ideas that came in. In the order received, I have listed them below, and guess what? You guys have to decide!

Here they all are (apologies if I missed any!):

The Overheard Word

“And then what happened…”

“He said, She said…”

“Not minding my business…”

Tattle Tales (which I also thought of as Prattle Tales)


Nosy parker

Snoop dog

How I ended up in hospital/jail as a result of trailing strangers

Juxtaposed Conversations

Please let me know your thoughts on one that fits my style, I did omit one as I wasn’t sure if it was, or was not, politically correct lol – as who am I to judge what is PC!

Thanks for your contributions!

Cant wait to hear from you.

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