Word from the street is….

I find intense, if frequently fleeting, inspiration for creative writing from snippets of passing conversation. By that I mean snippets of overheard conversations, such as those I pass on the street, or one side of a train phone conversation. Some of them trigger my imagination into ideas for blogs, storylines, or even whole books! I call it creative listening.

I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to write my version of the story and context of an overheard conversation.

I can’t wait to get started, but I need your help. Not in identifying snippets, but in a name. I need a name for these blogs.

I was thinking something like:

I Heard That!

Or: Guess what I heard?

Or: Word on the street…

Or: Word from the street…

Or: something better that you come up with… So let me know your title ideas.

To get you thinking, here are a couple of overheard snippets I’ll be working up into a story:

Context: Heading towards me this morning, a young, alternate looking couple carrying groceries.

“How can you be so oblivious?” Young lady trailing young man on sidewalk..

He looks back, so I don’t know what he says.

She glares at his back, and I see this intently as I pass them, and follows up with: “There’s nothing ruder!”

They kept walking in the opposite direction to me and I was struck by so many possibilities of where this started. I looked about for context, and considered whether “ruder” is actually a word. I looked it up and it is.

Context: Overheard whilst passing 3 people sitting in a café. Two women and one man. All older than me. Maybe in their 60’s.

“They will still be there long after we’re gone.” Murmured assent all round.

Oh so many possibilities with this one.

6 thoughts on “Word from the street is….

  1. “And then what happened…”

    “Chinese listening…” (as in Chinese whispers – is it weird that i feel weird even typing such things in the day of political correctness)

    “He said, She said…”

    “Not minding my business…”

    • Thanks Emma, so many good ideas there! I love it. Lots of thinking to do… And listening…

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