Today’s word is: Adventure

That word is: Adventure

One of my best friends weddings, is taking place in two weeks… In Fiji…

Now, just to clarify my grammar there, she is one of my best friends. Not one of her weddings. This is her only wedding.

Now we have cleared that up, we were talking about how excited we are about heading to this tropical destination, and I said ‘yes, it will be so cool…umm…I can’t wait to adventure around…’ What? Adventure? The free online dictionary defines Adventure at:

But what did I mean? I’m sure there is another word that means what I meant that to mean!

Know what I mean?


Me either.

All day I thought and I thought, what the heck did I mean?

The intention of my wording was right, I wanted to (ad)venture around this new place. Maybe do some snorkelling, some bushwalking and see a new culture. As well as see my friends marry.

But where was that word in my brain?

Welcome to my lethologica.

Later that night when I was at the movies I realised what the word was that I had been looking for. It was explore.
That’s what one does in new territories! One explores! Then one returns home and talks fondly of ones adventure!

Why did it take me almost 12 hours to think of that?

Can’t say. But I can say that the free online dictionary defines explore at:

Can’t wait to explore my adventure!

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