Today’s word is: Moderate

Moderate: follow the link to the the free online dictionary

A puppy play-date recently provided a show-case for a friend and I to demonstrate both how lovely our pooches are, and how inept we both are in certain aspects of dog training. Ongoing.

 Our lovely darlings played well together in the park, interacting well with each other and new pooch-amigo’s. This display sparked conversations about dog minding when on holidays, and doggy day-care during the work week.

Of course I’m too principled to pay for doggy day-care. Because the guy at the doggy day-care establishment was rude to me on the phone – insisting on charging me for a temperament check of my dog. My dog is the most beautiful dog in the world! Idiot. Thus the relationship ends due to his behaviour, his temperament check was a fail!

My friend described the whole doggy day-care segregation to me, and explained that his boy dog is so well adjusted that the dog is able to successfully modulate his behaviour regardless of what size group he is stored with for the day. He plays rough with the big dogs, and is timid and cute in the puppies room.

My response: ‘So your dog is so clever he is able to moderate his behaviour based on his interpretation of the other pooches in a room?’ Emphasis on moderate, because I think modulate is too modular for the scenario.

Yep. Thats right. He can moderate his behaviour.

Turns out, when I looked it up, modulate (please see the free online dictionary definition at: is actually a terrific definition describing how one might regulate, temper, or adapt based on circumstance.

Turns out that puppy is smart!

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