Singling for my supper…

Due to my frequent single status, I find I am often the token single invited to dinner parties.

I want to précis this with an ongoing and enduring (in the most part) love of my friends, so, naturally, I accept these requests so I can see these delightful people, eat delicious food, and, in the hope that, since the last time I saw them, they have met 10 single attractive men who are all coming to dinner to hit on me.

This hasn’t happened yet, but a girls gotta dream.

I’m guessing that my friends want to see me too, that’s why I get invited. I have to think this because I just workshopped other possible reasons and they don’t seem as enticing. Here is a list of the top three (and I say top, but I mean worst):

  1. So that my dating stories remind them how much better off they are being in a committed relationship.
  2. Because I am reliable at baked goods and can bring dessert.
  3. To make up numbers and help with the cleaning up

Apart from one, two and three could really apply to anyone, so I might discount them as generic and stick with ‘Singling for my supper’.

Of course, as a seasoned dater, and I don’t mean someone who goes on a lot of dates, I mean someone who goes on about one date per season, I can use the facocta mess that it was as new material to buy me about 10 weeks worth of Saturday dinner parties, thus leading us into the next season. Hence seasoned dater.

But of all the years of dating, I have 3 favourite (and I say favourite, but I mean soul-destroying) go-to stories to entertain my friends, and over the coming weeks I want to share them with you direct from the archives, and hear from you on your experiences.


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