Today’s word is: Deteriorate

Deteriorate: follow the link to the free online dictionary

Last weekend I was at a goodbye function for one of our favourite yoga instructors, with my favourite yoga buddy. With our instructor, we were talking about fitness, or our lack of it, and how fast you lose fitness when you find yourself too busy and important to visit the gym.

I was thinking a few words ahead of my conversation, and I hit lethologica in my mind. I was just saying: ‘Its amazing (in a depressing way) how rapidly fitness.. ahhhh, ummm…’ In my brain the words deplete and dissipate bubbled up and I knew enough to know they didn’t quite cut it, although they could have conveyed the message adequately.

Deplete, (definition:, seemed to suggest more the emptying, or decreasing of something finite, where fitness, unlike anything else I can think of right now, is a renewable resource.

Dissipate, (definition, also seemed to be about using something up in its entirety, where as if you work hard and eat your greens and exercise like a demon, you will build up your fitness.

Luckily, my tres cool gym buddy pops in with ‘deteriorates’, and my brain had one of those ahhhh! moments.  Like the ones you get when you finally remember the name of an acquaintance you spoke to an hour ago. Or those you get when someone says the word you’ve been racking your brain over. Deteriorate.

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