Todays word is: Nostalgic

Nostalgic: follow the link to the free online dictionary

I was talking to a friend who recently lost both a family member, and secondly a much loved family pooch.  Feeling bereft of these special acquaintances, the family had decided to take a small break together, returning to what has been a frequent familial gathering place. The scene where many an overnight stay and large family get-together had been enjoyed.

I expressed both my condolences, and my recognition of what a difficult time this would have been.

A gathering like this was always going to be a sad time, peppered with many an emotional ambush. (Oh now I’m articulate!)

Initially the weekend was described in terms of activities: long walks, food, wine, bonfires and sleep-ins.

But I could tell there was something underlying.

After an appropriate pause my friend sighed: ‘It was a whimsical time.’

And I thought, whimsical? (Definition:; that’s probably not the adjective I’d use.  

In my wisdom I responded solemnly: ‘It would certainly be a reflective time.’ (Definition:, knowing the whole time it wasn’t a sufficient description. Of course, that only came to me at 2a.m. the following morning.

What I meant was nostalgic! It was a nostalgic journey.

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