Today’s word is: Formulaic

Formulaic: follow the link to see the free on line dictionary definition (scroll down to the adjective)

 In recent discussions with my writing buddy I was attempting to describe some guidance I had been given during a critique of some work.

 The guidance was in the form of an approach to the flow of story, dividing both the writing of it, and the plot, into sections.

 As I was completely unable to recall the word which best describes this controlled and anal retentive approach to story telling, I came up with the phrase ‘prescriptive format’, which is not entirely incorrect. It is, in fact, mostly correct, as it infers the inflexible, specific method to putting story together, and combines this with a manner in which to organise this.

 In writing this it comes to mind that the phrase utilised was perfectly acceptable for the situation. It’s just  so frustrating when you know there’s a perfect word or phrase, but are unable to recall it in a timely fash.

So, in this case perhaps I have actually proved my own choice phrase wasn’t so bad, just that the continual awareness of lethologica, and subsequent loganamnosisis a great distraction.

 Definitions from the free on line dictionary:



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