Today’s word is: Intensive

Intensive: follow the link to see what the free on-line dictionary defines it as:

Today I was talking to a girlfriend who is pregnant. I am familiar enough with symptoms of pregnancy to know certain aspects of pregnancy may lead to phenomena’s such as ‘baby-brain’ or ‘pregnancy brain’ – aka a certain level of forgetfulness. Today it wasn’t my friend who couldn’t remember things. IT WAS ME!

She was reminding me of her weekend ante-natal classes.

My response “so you did extreme ante-natalling?”

Response: “thats right, we did an intensive course over the weekend, rather than multiple weeknights.” She manages this all without sarcasm. Or derision. Both these are words I can recall.

Intensive. Intensive. NOT EXTREME. Extreme (definition: ante-natal classes would be, perhaps, those conducted at Base Camp 2 Everest, or in the cradle of an active volcano. Or maybe, on the moon.

Ps. My friend thinks giving birth on the moon would be AWESOME. If not a little extreme.

One thought on “Today’s word is: Intensive

  1. Dear Bella – I suspect I am friendly with the pregnant lady mentioned above – knowing this particular person, I’m sure you’ll agree, that she would probably take giving birth on the moon in her stride…. in fact, given the surprising circumstances of pregnancy and her seemingly organised and managed attitude to this life change, perhaps it will take an “extreme” birth to propose a challenge our exceptionally well-balanced friend. Thank you for making me smile – a volcano birth tickles me! on Today’s word is: Intensive

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