What the sheet?

Required prior knowledge for this read: Trainspotting, the movie, or at least the sheets scene….. Sheets ahoy Hey, er, is this a bit weird? My dog and I exited a friends apartment one day, strolling into the common hallway, towards the lift. Coming towards us was a young lady, pretty, very well dressed, and, carrying […]

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Closing Chapters (aka – Killing your darlings)

In life, and in writing, it is a challenge… The last few months I have had to refocus on writing my manuscript, I have had to restructure the opening of the book. Decide on the tense – yep, stuck with first person, and, (gasp), I have had to “kill my darlings”. Yes that is a […]

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The first date sandwich

Last Friday night… My friend, lets call her Carli Preston, and I met up for drinks and some dinner. After a long work week with people and the ongoing beat of life giving me a good work out, I was up for a chilled evening of flavoured vodka and stuffed zucchini flowers. In fabulous Melbourne style, […]

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Ahhh, Winter is here.

Thank you Melbourne! What a b-e-a-utiful (that’s probably copyright by that Jim Carey Movie where he becomes “god”, after being a tv weatherman (a natural progression?) anyway, so does that count as referencing?) Oh my Jim Carey, why don’t I know how to reference? I used to. Day, beautiful day. ANYWAY, today started in a […]

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The overheard word – Andy Warhol

andry warhol ai weiwei

I know, I’m jumping themes here, but I have always intended to come back to this one, and last night, well, I couldn’t resist putting it out there because I need to know what you think. Last night a friend and I went to the Andy Warhol – Ai Weiwei exhibit at the NGV. It […]

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The quintessential Summer sights and sounds

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.43.07 pm

Yes, this is a slight deviation from where I last left you. I’m coming back to that. But I just had to say, being summer and all, and potentially (global warming dependant) nearing the end of summer (please go Im a temperate girl), there are just those things. Those wistful sounds, smells and sights, which […]

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2015…In summary…Part one.


Well where do I start? A friend posted beautiful prose on FB, that god awful social media, about her experience this year. Finding people, losing people, and the continual quest to search out self. I can honestly say I have never had a year like 2015. It has been one of exciting adventure tinged always […]

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The Overheard Word

The Overheard Word Blog 1 Well, it’s official – this is the title of a new stream of blogging for me – it is based in the very nature of its name. Passing snippets of conversation woven into a story… for my writing, and your reading, pleasure (I hope). Context: Heading towards me Saturday morning, […]

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