The first date sandwich

Last Friday night… My friend, lets call her Carli Preston, and I met up for drinks and some dinner. After a long work week with people and the ongoing beat of life giving me a good work out, I was up for a chilled evening of flavoured vodka and stuffed zucchini flowers. In fabulous Melbourne style, […]

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Ahhh, Winter is here.

Thank you Melbourne! What a b-e-a-utiful (that’s probably copyright by that Jim Carey Movie where he becomes “god”, after being a tv weatherman (a natural progression?) anyway, so does that count as referencing?) Oh my Jim Carey, why don’t I know how to reference? I used to. Day, beautiful day. ANYWAY, today started in a […]

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The overheard word – Andy Warhol

andry warhol ai weiwei

I know, I’m jumping themes here, but I have always intended to come back to this one, and last night, well, I couldn’t resist putting it out there because I need to know what you think. Last night a friend and I went to the Andy Warhol – Ai Weiwei exhibit at the NGV. It […]

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The quintessential Summer sights and sounds

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.43.07 pm

Yes, this is a slight deviation from where I last left you. I’m coming back to that. But I just had to say, being summer and all, and potentially (global warming dependant) nearing the end of summer (please go Im a temperate girl), there are just those things. Those wistful sounds, smells and sights, which […]

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2015…In summary…Part one.


Well where do I start? A friend posted beautiful prose on FB, that god awful social media, about her experience this year. Finding people, losing people, and the continual quest to search out self. I can honestly say I have never had a year like 2015. It has been one of exciting adventure tinged always […]

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The Overheard Word

The Overheard Word Blog 1 Well, it’s official – this is the title of a new stream of blogging for me – it is based in the very nature of its name. Passing snippets of conversation woven into a story… for my writing, and your reading, pleasure (I hope). Context: Heading towards me Saturday morning, […]

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Word from the street is….

I find intense, if frequently fleeting, inspiration for creative writing from snippets of passing conversation. By that I mean snippets of overheard conversations, such as those I pass on the street, or one side of a train phone conversation. Some of them trigger my imagination into ideas for blogs, storylines, or even whole books! I […]

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Heading South for the Winter…

That might seem right if you’re an artic dwelling Brit whom chases the winter sun. But would you leave Queensland’s eternal Sprummer? Well, yes. If you got sick of being too hot. I know. I’m a hottie. But, what I mean is, I got sick of being ridiculously sweaty at 6am, just from taking the […]

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